A Columbus-area teacher is taking a chance on the U.S. amputee soccer team

Apart from using Instagram to post photos of her German Shepherd, Oliver, Katie Bondy doesn’t use social media.

That’s partly why a random message a few months ago perplexed Bondy, a 32-year-old science teacher at Hilliard Online Academy.

A video of Bondy playing soccer at Adaptive Sports Connection caught the attention of Nico Calabria, director of development for the American Amputee Soccer Association. During this time, Calabria helped create the first U.S. national women’s amputee soccer team to compete in international competition.

“Probably about nine out of 10 times (when I reach out about amputee soccer), the person says, ‘Hmm, probably not,’” Calabria said. “One in ten people are curious and want more information. One in 10 of these people actually joins the work.”

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