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As we begin to implement this strategic framework, it is important to share how we think about achieving our goals. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the philosophies we will apply – or continue to apply – as we pursue this important work.

Strategic philosophies

All football is football.

We support soccer in schools, the YMCA, street recreation leagues and wherever our beautiful game is played. We celebrate our members’ development academies and clubs. We dream of the Open Cup, World Cups and 1v1 shootings in the backyard. We support tailored playstyles that will keep players of all skill levels competitive. We want children and adults to kick the ball as often as possible, within our members’ affiliate programs, as part of broader community programs, and even beyond any formal program.

Paths, not pyramids.

We want to develop lifelong soccer players AND world champions. While creating pathways for elite players to join our national teams, we also actively support our members in working with players of all ages and skill levels. Every positive path in the game is the right path for a player, coach or referee – from amateur or organized youth leagues, to high school, college or adult recreational leagues.

Accessibility and inclusivity make us better.

Making football accessible and inclusive for all is core to our mission. This will help us grow and impact more lives through our sport.

Safety is non-negotiable.

Through enhanced education, prevention, detection and response mechanisms, we strive to establish new safety standards in our sport so that all participants at all levels have a safe and respectful place to learn, develop and compete.

The success of the national team is crucial.

Good national team performance drives and influences all elements of our work. Success on the pitch enables commercial success, encourages fandom, inspires participation and revitalizes football culture at all levels of the game.

Revenue allows you to invest in growth and success for all.

Commercial success enables investments that deliver results on and off the pitch and help grow the game at all levels across the football ecosystem.

Success in the professional league benefits the entire U.S. soccer ecosystem.

Professional leagues will help ensure consistent and frequent fan engagement in local communities across the country, which will help grow the fan base and commercial market. The more successful the league is, the more it can invest in the development of players, coaches and referees – which benefits the entire U.S. soccer ecosystem and improves the quality of our participants. Increasing the quality of our domestic professional leagues will improve the playing environment that American players have access to as well as the development opportunities for our national teams. We must make every effort to support and celebrate the league’s success across the country.

Operational philosophies

Collaboration is a force multiplier.

Our members have an incredible depth of experience and knowledge, and U.S. Soccer will continually strive to draw on these resources to ensure that we all learn from each other as we take on this critical work. We will make every effort to convene, collaborate and share successes across the football ecosystem. We recognize that many of the best practices we strive to promote already exist in the ecosystem, and our job is to share and amplify the great work our members are already doing.

Conscious, rigorous decision-making and prioritization will make us more effective.

There are difficult decisions ahead of us. Based on our strategic plan, we will not be afraid to make difficult choices about how we spend our time, energy and resources. We need to build and document clear processes that provide transparency and empower staff, engage stakeholders and ultimately ensure that we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Scalability is key.

It’s time to think BIG. Scalability must be at the heart of everything we do if we want to have a real impact across our vast country. We need to leverage technology, mobilize our partners, empower our members and engage millions across the football landscape.

We have to be technologically ahead.

Innovative and effective technology will positively transform our organization and enable our efforts to have nationwide impact. We will create common and open systems in which content will be stored, selected and shared so that more people can benefit from it.

Fiscal responsibility today creates greater opportunities tomorrow.

We must manage our finances rigorously to ensure long-term sustainability, including ensuring consistent transparency across our organization and membership. By continually managing our financial situation, we build greater confidence and gain a better working knowledge of our resources, so that when new opportunities arise, we will have the confidence and means to invest and make a greater impact.

Customer service wins.

We will reach out to all of our stakeholders – members, competitors, coaches, judges, parents, partners, donors, fans and the snowboarding community – with customer service and a partnership approach. Through the service, we build trust, deliver better experiences and retain more game participants.

We integrate DEIB in everything we do.

US Soccer represents and celebrates a beautiful, diverse nation. We champion diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging both internally and externally. Diversity on and off the field makes us stronger, smarter and more effective. Creating the most equitable and inclusive environment will help us continue to grow the game. We want to engage diverse communities across America and make sure everyone feels welcome in our sport.

Role clarity improves results.

There are so many people working within and outside of American soccer who want to see our sport thrive. US Soccer enables, facilitates and organizes the soccer ecosystem, and each of our stakeholders has a critical role to play in growing and improving our sport.

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